Rest in Transcarpathian region is a great choice for the people


Rest in Transcarpathian region is a great choice for the people who really value untouched and splendid beauty of the nature. What can be better than the beauty of mixed forests spread by the flanks of Carpathian Mountains? In summer these forests attract us by the freshness of their trees crowns and in fall they please our eyes by the riot of colors.

Crystal waters of mountain rivers satiate with moisture the clearest air in Ukraine. Did you know that mountain streams contribute to your longevity and youth as they saturate the air with negatively charged oxygen ions that are extremely healthful?

Your forces will restore, your body will get a boost of energy due to saturation of your blood with Aeron just if you stay near the Potochok mountain river that flows on the territory of Babayevo hotel complex. So if you are looking for a place in the Transcarpathian region where you can have a rest inexpensively but with a great health benefits – you will not find a better place than Babayevo.

Affordable vacation in Carpathian region: inexpensive and comfortable


It is not a secret that vacations abroad not always can be pleasant and affordable. Air flights, getting a visa, crossing of the border and customs inspection – all these things complicate and what is more important – make your vacation more expensive. Besides the linguistic barrier is not that easy for everybody to overcome.

Vacation in the mountains in Ukraine does not possess all these disadvantages. You will be understood in any Carpathian hotel if you speak your native Ukrainian or Russian. None of linguistic barriers!

You will also avoid acclimatization and jetlags. Why should you overload your body with extra difficulties when there is such a beautiful and untouched piece of nature in your motherland that will give you unforgettable feelings of unity with the beauty of Carpathian region? 

Our Babayevo hotel complex is ready to welcome you whenever you wish.

National cuisine as a part of “tourist relaxation” program


Scientists insist on the usefulness of local but not imported food not without reason. Only the products cultivated close to the place of residence will be digested in full and will heal and strengthen you.

The freshest local cheese, trout, personally picked mushrooms, berry deserts - all these Carpathian gifts with be more tasty for you than frozen and unfrozen many times overseas delicacies.

You can rest in Babayevo hotel complex any time of year and combine the pleasure of the surrounding beauty contemplation with active leisure in the Carpathian Mountains.


Any season is beautiful:

Summer in Carpathians is a paradise for those who wish to take a rest from megapolis noise and madding crowd and to take a clear mountain air;

Fall in Carpathians is the best time for mountain walks and collecting mushrooms;


Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Carpathians will guarantee you positive emotions and unforgettable impressions for the whole year.


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